Disabled Woman ‘Humiliated’ By Airport Employee Who Refused Assistance Because She ‘Didn’t Look Ill’

Nathalie Allport-Grantham was prepared for her trip to Nice. She was going to fly on Ryanair from Stansted Airport on December 31. As Allport-Grantham suffers from Ehlers-Danos syndrome, her mobility is limited, so she had requested assistance when booking her trip. However, she was refused help by Stansted airport staff, as they claimed she didn’t look disabled.

While she does not always require a wheelchair, Nathalie Allport-Grantham has several invisible disabilities that sometimes require one. She and her boyfriend had arrived early and used a wheelchair to move to the lounge area. However, when she moved to a lounge seat, a Stansted Airport staff member took the chair, saying he would return shortly.

He never did, and Allport-Grantham was forced to walk to the Ryanair gate five minutes away. When she arrived, she spoke to the woman who was working the gate. “I told her I had pre-booked disability assistance and I need help getting onto the aircraft,” Allport-Grantham said. She was reportedly told by the Stansted Airport staff member that she would have to pay to have someone help her with her bags.

Even though Nathalie Allport-Grantham had booked all of her assistance ahead of time, the staff member refused to believe that she was disabled. Allport-Grantham attempted to explain her condition to the staff member. She said that lifting anything heavy could cause her serious injuries such as torn muscles or ruptured organs, and said the staff member replied by saying “Maybe next time don’t bring a heavy bag then.”

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